The APEC Study Center has hold APEC conferences and meetings of APEC Working Groups in response to the call from the government. In addition, the Center has conducted academic seminars together with the private sector, government and academia.
ĦEThe 3rd East Asia Summit Specialist Forum
This forum aims to discuss the conclusion made in the Third East Asia Summit and its impact on Taiwan.


Session 1: The Third East Asia Summit-Achievements and Limitations

Session 2: Exploring the Opportunities for Cooperation between Taiwan and ASEAN

Date: December 6, 2007

Location: Assembly Hall for NTU Alumni

ĦEAPEC Study Camp
Since 1998, Chinese Taipei APEC Study Center has invited local APEC administrative authorities to participate in the APEC Study Camp. Through keynote speeches, discussion sessions and lateral interactions, the APEC Study Camp has succeeded in enhancing ties between individuals involved with APEC work.
ĦEAPEC Youth Camp
Organized by the Chinese Taipei APEC Study Center and the Youth Counseling Council, Executive Yuan, the APEC Youth Camp brings together local young adults so as to assist them with learning more about APEC-related issues and its development. At the same time, outstanding youth participants are selected to attend various APEC youth exchange programs and activities at the international level. APEC Youth Camps were held in 2000 and 2001.
APEC business leaders have developed the APEC CEO Summit to discuss major issues facing the Asia-Pacific region, to promote trade liberalization and to enhance cooperation. The three major goals are to discuss business issues facing the Asia-Pacific region and the world, to enhance interactions between business and political leaders, and to serve as the place for business leaders to interact with each other. Since 1993, the APEC CEO Summit has been held at the same time as the APEC Economic Leaders' Meeting. Chinese Taipei has actively participated in the APEC CEO Summit. CTASC has been coordinating Chinese Taipei's participation.
ĦEAPEC Meeting/ Forum
The Chinese Taipei APEC Study Center has held APEC meetings and events in Taipei for governmental agencies. Recent APEC meetings and events in Taipei conducted by the Center are as follows:
ĦE 2003: The 1st APEC Incubator Forum
ĦE 2004: The 2nd ABAC Meeting
ĦE 2004: Conference on Developing Bond Markets In APEC: Moving Forward through Public-Private Sector Partnership
ĦE 2004: The 1st APEC Health Task Force Meeting
ĦE 2004: The 2nd APEC Incubator Forum
ĦE 2005: The 20th SME Working Group Meeting
ĦE 2005: The 4th Sub-Group On Micro-Enterprises Meeting
ĦE 2005: APEC Symposium on Industrial Clustering for SMEs
ĦESeminars on APEC Issues
Seminars on APEC issues are held to promote public awareness and to come up with new ideas and recommendations through exchange of views. Additionally, the Center has organized several seminars and major conferences with the participation of experts and academics.
ĦE2003: implemented IT School initiative, completed IT School initiativeĦĤs introductory DVD, and promoted the IT School initiative.
ĦE2005: completed ADOC initiativeĦĤs introductory DVD and promoted the ADOC initiative.
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